When working at the intersection of Biology, Mathematics and Computer Science, you need strong partners. We have had the incredible fortune of partnering with some of the best and brightest. We are humbled and thankful for all of your contributions, time and support.

Michael Zager
Director, Fred Hutch Data Visualization
Gretchen Krenn
Manager, Fred Hutch Data Visualization
Jay Shendure
Scientific Director
Eric Holland
Senior Vice President, Human Biology
Raphael Gottardo
Scientific Director, Translational Data Science
Marion Dorer
VP, Integrated Research Center
Dev Nambi
Data Engineer
Wilfred Chau
Data Engineer
Robert McDermott
IT Solutions Architect
Rachel Galbraith
Director STTR
Nola Klemfuss
Administrative Director
Hannah Pliner
Lead Data Scientist
Cole Trapnell
Assistant Professor
Lea Starita
Assistant Professor
Junyue Cao
Postdoctoral Fellow
Aishwarya Gogate
Genomic Data Analyst
Jessica Hauflaire
Program + Ops Manager
Kristin Mussar
Data Science Fellow
Mansi Mehrotra
Data Science Fellow
Hamid Bolouri
Director, Informatics and Computational Biology
Paul Meijer
Director, Software Development, Database, and Pipelines