Brotman Baty Partnership

This past July, we officially kick-started a new partnership; The Data Visualization Center is now jointly lead by Fred Hutch and the Brotman Baty Institute. Directed by Michael Zager and Jay Shendure; this partnership brings together a collection of top researchers, bioinformaticians, and engineers working to accelerate scientific data analysis and dissemination. Collectively we are building tools that infuse collaborating labs with the resources needed to accelerate research while exposing the community to new approaches and technologies. The Data Visualization Center focuses on several vital pieces; our data portals, supported by custom APIs, pipelines and components, and an infrastructure for data storage and compute. These portals have drawn users from all over the globe and have helped bridge connections between peers.

Media + Press

The best science is performed by a collaboration of researchers with different expertise—Fred Hutch Data Visualization prides itself on pulling from a vast network of scientists and technologists that move science forward. Here we highlight the efforts that go into that collaborative work. Catch up on our partnerships, featured work, past and present publications, and stay updated on social media.

Featured Work

Science - November 13, 2020

A human cell atlas of fetal gene expression & chromatin accessibility

The gene expression program underlying the specification of human cell types is of fundamental interest. We generated human cell atlases of gene expression and chromatin accessibility in fetal tissues. For gene expression, we applied three-level combinatorial indexing to >110 samples representing 15 organs, ultimately profiling ~4 million single cells. For chromatin accessibility, we devised a three-level combinatorial indexing assay and applied it to 53 samples representing 15 organs, profiling ~800,000 single cells.

Current Publications

Past Publications

Please check out all our past publications. All these publications were a collaborative effort between many individuals and institutions. Topics range from single-cell analysis to discoveries through data visualization, from the University of Washington and Fred Hutch collaborator partnerships.

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We see social media as a valuable tool to engage the scientific community. By communicating who we are, what we do, and how we contribute to research, we hope to build more solid relationships that bring us closer to our researchers and partners. We are mainly active across Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter – which you can find more information about below. For us, Twitter is an excellent tool for providing followers with up to the minute check-ins, extending our conversations, and providing a platform for discovery and connections. Follow us on Instagram @fhdataviz, where we share our beautiful visualizations and stories on upcoming publications. We are active on LinkedIn @fhdataviz to offer the online professional community an insight into who we are and what types of opportunities are available to our researchers.


2019 Cambia Grove Innovator Fellowship

In collaboration with Cambia Grove, Fred Hutch Data Visualization accepted its inaugural fellowship cohort to develop a biological data catalog to expose valuable clinical and molecular data through consistent web-optimized application programming interfaces (APIs). These efforts will help researchers worldwide find effective treatments or even cures to cancer.